“Baby”‘s New Bed

This is the project that started it all off (!) – the request that required me to put aside my SAHM sponge and pick up my beloved-and-rusty sewing skills! Some time ago now my Little One asked if we could make a bed for the new favourite toy – a pink Beanie Baby bear – named “Baby”. I blinked. I liked the idea. I said “Yes”.

Fabric scraps ready to be made into a Toy's bedding
Scraps from Little Ones’ shirts trimmed and ready to be made into a Toy’s bedding!

I had recently changed some children’s long sleeved winter shirts into summer t shirts and had kept the offcuts, for who know what. They were quickly pulled out and chopped up to make a pillow, blanket and mattress. The photo shows what little scraps were left over! A recycled taco box decorated with blue glitter paint became our base (that was not my work).

I have done alot of sewing in the past so designing a little ensemble was both easy and invigorating! Having only scraps to work with no item could be made of whole cloth, seams were needed and I used decorative panelling to make the toy’s blanket big enough.

Scraps of cloth becoming a Toy's bed
Aww, she likes it!

I wish I had timed myself (for the sake of this blog) but of course didn’t. It couldn’t have taken long, even for my 30+ year old industrial sewing machine. The longest part was searching out the bagged up wadding, used to pad the mattress. In this photo “Baby” is getting used to some of her new possessions while I still have to finish the last one. The young owner was very happy upon completion, and I had rekindled my interest in crafting a gentle world of sewn items. Happy Sewing!


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