Omiyagi – Ribbon and Beads are all you need!

omiyagibook I’m so glad this book came into my life! It’s “Omiyage – Handmade Gifts from Fabric in the Japanese Tradition” (2001) by Kumiko Sudo. I found it when I had neither partner or mummy-status, but worked in fashion with luxurious textiles and passmentarie (elaborate decorations made from other decorations). K. Sudo has written at least two more books on the subject of japanese fabric handicrafts, “Wagashi” (2007) is my favourite, full of storied memories that enhance the meaning of each project.omiyagibookinside The best thing she taught me (apart from vilifying my need to keep precious scraps of fabric – other people do it too 🙂 ) is the technique of turning tiny scraps of cherished fabric into padded balls, baubles and berries. These are used as tie-ends or decorative elements in her books. I practised my first ‘bauble’ at work (!) in a quiet moment, from a piece of apricot coloured silk, and was in love with this technique. I changed to using ribbon to avoid any frayed ends for my own projects. haircomb My ‘Blossom Haircombs’ prototype was created about a year and a half ago, and I’ve made so many different colour variations since! I will be selling some on my Madeit webstore – coming soon! haircombclose Recently I made one in a beloved young friends’ school colours and thought I would share it with you. Happy Sewing!


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