The Peasant Top that never suited looks Gorgeous!

Peasant Top ready to be resewn
The rip that caused an Upcycling makeover, Peasant Top to Chemise!

Remodelling – or upcycling – a garment that doesn’t suit takes some time and dedication, but if you can’t bear to throw it away (and You’re clever!) it is a great project to try.

I’m only half way through this one myself – sorry for the lack of photos. This Peasant-style Top started life as a beach top – light weight cotton, split at the neck with long ties, tunic length – and I loved the embroidery. It also had a seam right at the wrong place (across the hips) and a high round neckline hanging open that doesn’t suit me. Even the addition of side splits (unpick the side seams and stitch under the raw edges) didn’t make it more flattering to wear. But I loved the embroidery.

Black-and-Cream Top went unworn until a washing accident ripped away a large panel. That’s when inspiration struck! I would turn it into a Chemise style top, a garment that stops at the waist and is designed to be seen under something else, rather than on its own. Sometimes summer dresses can be a bit revealing, the Chemise was the answer, especially as I could save the Embroidery!

So far I have:

  • removed the offending and ripped panels and cut out and kept their embroidered pieces.
  • shortened the sleeves from a beach-coverup length to a flattering above-the-elbow length (I had done that a while ago).
  • attached the CF (centre front) neckline together with a decorative knot then removed the long ties, leaving a peek-a-boo split.
  • used the rescued embroidery to create a stand-up collar, with ends to be appliquéd at the front.
Peasant Top neckline altered
Neckline has been knotted and stitched together, leftover ties seen in top corner

I still need to finalise the collar placement (that means try it on, pins and all to see how it looks), stitch that down and maybe tuck the excess fabric on the embroidery-now-Collar to the inside and secure by hand sewing.

It’s not a quick Sewing project, rescuing an unused garment (many little decisions have to be made) but when I have my upcycled Chemise that I improved myself, I know I’ll feel satisfied and proud, and look Gorgeous too!

Happy Sewing.


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