Hand-Beaded Buttons, just like Haute Couture

Just look at my homemade Passmentarie!

Dolce & Gabbana’s latest Haute Couture show – found in the pages of my latest Vogue – inspired me to make some similar bejewelled buttons to sell!

Marvelling and musing my way through my local December 2015 Vogue – trying to keep my Cate Blanchett cover clean after responding to the query “what’s for morning tea?” – I turned the page to admire some decorative buttons by Dolce & Gabbana. They are on pg 120 at the beginning of the “We are Golden” Haute Couture article. Bright pink figured silk dress, brocaded with stylised blooms, encrusted with silver and diamontes, and black jewelled buttons down CF sleeves and dress side seams.

Buttons to enhance your look, jewelled and glittering to catch the eye, not the kind to fasten a garment together. I thought to myself “I could make something like that, of the hand-beaded variety” and so I got to work, mainly at 6am in the mornings, when it’s safe to have tiny shiny things on the table.

Satin covered dome buttons (samples picked up while working in The Cloth House, London) and a-life-time’s-worth-of passmentarie to choose from. I decided on solemn colours – black, navy and red – along with zebra-coloured sequins, purple faceted bicones, iridescent gemstones (harvested from a closing down sale) gold-lined glass seed beads, rainbow-blue tubes (from a beaded hem that had to be shortened at the cost of it’s own beauty).

I made sets of 8, imagining how they could be attached to collars and necklines, cuffs even, or attached over functional jacket fastenings. Or along shoulder seams to enhance their owner’s silhouette, just like D & G decided to do.

If you would like to make your own, please see the How To . . . lesson.

Beaded Buttons can be found here for Sale.


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