How To Make … Beaded Buttons

Find something to be inspired by and create something!

There’s no mystery in creating your own Passmentarie – wearable decorative bits – so it’s time to be inspired by Haute Couture and make your own Beaded Buttons.

You will need:

  • button with some sort of padding for the needle to grab into – a covered button usually or make your own.
  • thin (slightly flexible) needle – I chose the smallest gauge I own as the eye has to accommodate the beads/sequins you’re using and bend around a curved surface.
  • decorative elements – all those lovely stored-up shinies!
  • good quality thread – sewing or ‘Nymo’ – and all your sewing tools.
  • Imagination.

How to Start a Beaded Button

1. Gather your decorative elements and plan ahead. Choose your main colour and any highlights, take a pinch of each and lay out pattern on table or button itself. My Zebra coloured sequins were picked off a workroom floor (we’ve all been there) 14 years ago so there was no obtaining more – I had exactly enough for 4 per 8 buttons!

2. Hide your knot under the first sequin if you can, I started at the crown (centre) with a feature sequin and seed bead.

A completed Beaded Button

3. Sew each element securely one at a time. Hide as much stitching inside the button’s surface rather than lay threads on the top, a thin needle will bend and help with this. If you need to move to the other side, take a few stitches to get there and aim to have those tiny stitches under the sequins/beads you’ve already added.

4. When you have to knot off or add more sewing thread aim for a big element to hide your work. And that’s it!

Remember these beautiful buttons are meant to be a feature rather than a closure, constant passing through a buttonhole may weaken the thread and break off all your hard work.

Feel proud! You’ve entered the decorative world of Passmentarie and specialist sewing and have some bejewelled creations to show for it!

Happy Sewing.


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