Just like Elsa’s ‘Frozen’ Cape


Has Disney’s ‘Frozen’ and its’ sisters Anna & Elsa invaded joined your life too? Our Kindy environment became filled with children wearing ‘Elsa Dresses’ – long, glittery, light blue, polyester and hot – with no regard to gender specificity, and of course my Little One wanted one too. He asked very nicely: “When You go to the shops, you-you get me a Elsa dress too?”

I wasn’t worried about the request itself – so many little friends are wearing the costume dresses – but I did think I could make a compromise to prevent heat stroke and (possibly) the Daddy having a stroke. I thought I would make a Cape!

Some glittery fabric and a bit of time can make a Child's dream come true!
Some glittery fabric and a bit of time can make a Child’s dream come true!

I invested in half a meter of sparkly printed polyester, appropriately coloured (and Christmas-themed, He hasn’t noticed) and got to work devising the simplest pattern I could. Just like in medieval times when hand-woven cloth was too precious to cut into, I cut out straight pieces and created shape by tucking and pleating.

Stitching commenced at Grandma’s house as she owned the only extant Sewing Machine (I had a Sewing Machine death in the family – more on that another time) so while the children did art on the floor and Grandma chatted, I made Elsa-Cape-magic on the silky oak family table. And look at the happy results!

The 'Elsa Cape' and happy Owner
The ‘Elsa Cape’ and happy Owner

If you would like to make a similar Cape please see my How To . . . section.

My Capes are selling at Madeit.com. (Both links coming soon) 🙂


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